Periscope Marketing Basics

Periscope Marketing Basics


Welcome to our Periscope Marketing Basic Training. In this section, we will cover What is live streaming? and What is Periscope?

We hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training.

What is Periscope?

Simply put, Periscope is a platform for video streaming. Just as Facebook is a platform for social media, Periscope is a platform for Live Video. Periscope is the platform that most likely to take off the same way that Facebook has.

Periscope Marketing Made Simple

What is Live Video Streaming?


& Why should you care?

Basically, live video streaming does exactly what it says, it streams video live. Now, you may be thinking that is nothing new. After all, isn’t that what Skype does? or Facetime? and both have been around for a while now.

Yes: that is live streaming too but what makes Periscope different is that it allows video to be streamed publicly. Anyone can tune in and start watching at any time. Additionally, they allow people to comment live, allowing the person filming to view and respond to messages.

Live streaming is a little like having your own television channel. Except you just need a phone with one of the live streaming apps – like Periscope – installed. From here, you just point the phone and start shooting and can broadcasting your message to as many people as are online and are watching at a given time.

When you use Periscope, you will find you are presented with a map of the world upon signing in. On this map you can see people who are currently streaming video. Simply click on the dot on the map and the name of the broadcaster and then you can tune in to watch what they are filming. You can then comment on the video, ask questions, like it, follow the person or leave to watch something else.

How are people using Periscope Marketing?

  • People doing workouts while their phone films them
  • People chatting over a cup of coffee or a mug of tea on a particular topic
  • People lying in bed staring into the camera
  • People cooking and talking through recipes
  • People talking randomly
  • People reading excerpts from books
  • People not doing anything and just letting their viewers watch them go about their lives
  • Television presenters using Periscope to add more productivity
  • And more!

Periscope Marketing Made Simple
What’s really exciting about Live Video Streaming is the potential it offers for the future. Right now, Periscope is the most popular streaming app but it still doesn’t have floods of content. If you sign in right now, you’ll likely find there are around 100-200 people recording content in the U.S.

What’s exciting is where Periscope will likely go as the technology progresses and the concept catches on. Live video streaming allows you to truly have eyes everywhere and to transport yourself anywhere in the world. It allows you to transport yourself to anywhere and that means that you can see the world through the eyes of others. If you don’t believe right now that live video marketing can get that big, then consider what would happen if there was a major world event right now.

In the future we can also expect technology to progress and drive this forward further. It may be possible one day to see previews of the footage right in the thumbnails – like hundreds of tiny windows to different parts of the world! Video fidelity will improve and so too will the options we have for capturing video.

Some Stats. to Get You Excited

  • Periscope already has over 10,000,000 user accounts
  • If you add up all the footage that has been recorded so far, it comes to over 40 years of footage!
  • Periscope also has 2 million active users every single day
  • These users are located across 25 different countries.
  • In the month it launched, it got 60K tweets every single day!

Twitter definitely believes in the potential of Periscope in particular, seeing as they were willing to invest an incredible $100 million to purchase it. Meerkat and Blab launched around the same time as competitors to Periscope and had thousands of users by the end of the first month, unfortunately, both are defunct now.

On the other hand, Twitch, which streams live games, had 12 billion users at the end of 2014. YouTube live streams some events and the E3 event in 2015 managed to attract a gigantic 8 million viewers within just 12 hours. And now, Facebook has joined the pack!

This is massive news. People see the huge potential of live streaming and as such, they are flocking to it.

So should you be!
Periscope Marketing Made Simple


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