Pinterest Marketing Basics

Pinterest Marketing Basics

Welcome to our Pinterest Marketing Basic Training. In this section, we will talk about: What is Pinterest Marketing All About? And Why you should use Pinterest Marketing for your Business.
We hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training.

What is Pinterest Marketing & How does it work?

Pinterest works by allowing you to create “Mood Boards”. A Mood Board is essentially a collage made up of images and other materials that you’ve found on the web. This lets you collect images and notes from anywhere online and to categorize them in one spot as a “Board.” These Boards can then be shared by other users and brands, and you can follow either individual Boards or user if you’d like to see more of what they’ve created or collected.

To find images to Pin to your boards, you can either browse other boards and then ‘Re-pin’ the content that you like. You can save images from the web and use social sharing buttons, or you can create your own content to upload to the site. You can use Pinterest’s in-built search tools to search for users, for boards or for specific items.

Pinterest Marketing
The difference between a social platform such as Facebook vs Pinterest is that the latter does not carry the social aspect in the forefront. You can keep your boards as private, which allow you to collect ideas for future projects or for inspiration. As a matter of fact, CEO Ben Silbermann actually describes the tool as a ‘Catalogue Of Ideas’ rather than a social network. His goal is to inspire people to ‘Go Do That Thing’.

Once you’re following a number of Boards and users, you’ll also be able to see Pins that your contacts have pinned or commented on. You’ll also see images based on similar Pins you have uploaded. This creates a ‘Homefeed’ of sorts, that you can browse just to find images you might find interesting or inspiring, or to see what your friends are up to.

Pinterest also offers a plethora of social elements. It can allow you to post comments on the Pins you like to re-pin the content you enjoy and share it with your own network. Invite people to edit your boards and to set them up to be informed every time you add a new Pin to it. This is a great feature for working on collaborative projects for example and these boards are known as ‘Group Boards’.

What Do Most People Use Pinterest For?

  • Collecting Images That You Find Appealing/Inspiring
  • Collating Ideas And Inspiration For A New Web Design/App UI
  • Getting Ideas For Interior Design
  • Browsing Products And ‘Window Shopping’
  • Putting Together Inspirational Images To Get You Into The Gym (Moves, ‘Goal Physiques’ Etc.)
  • Staying Updated With Your Favorite Brand In A More Visual Manner
  • Looking At Fashion And Outfit Ideas For Clothes
  • Researching Tattoo Ideas

Pinterest Marketing


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